If you are anything like me, you want people around you who can see your potential and give you the necessary push in the right direction. As women, especially black women, we don’t always feel like we have the space to be free, to fantasize, or to be fearless.

As your personal catalyst coach, I create that space to help precipitate the change you are looking for. In working together, we exchange fear and stuck-ness with confidence and action.Some days you will like me and other days you won’t. And that’s okay, because my overall mission is to see you thrive and attain your goals.


So, what’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

Just like therapy, coaching allows me to meet you where you are, providing guidance and support. The difference? Instead of doing a deep dive into the past, we focus on the present and keep our eyes fixed forward and not in the rearview. We address what could be hindering you successfully meeting your goals. Sometimes it is as simple as changing how you measure success.

Everyone’s journey is different and until you stop comparing yours to theirs, you will never be able to see how far you’ve come and how far you can go.

So, whether you are transitioning out of a career, rebuilding after a failed relationship, navigating work and motherhood, or venturing into entrepreneurship, I’m here to shift unhelpful thought patterns and work with you to create a cohesive plan to achieve your goals.

Catalyst Coaching



• Clarify your vision

• Identify roadblocks

• Create realistic goals

• Design a plan of action for growth

Give yourself permission to take that first step.

I’m ready to cheer you on.

Invest in yourself today!

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