Meet Sara Elysee, LMHC


As a licensed mental health counselor, Sara Elysee has over a decade of experience supporting and guiding women through their mental health journeys.  Through empathic and compassionate guidance, Sara creates meaningful relationships with clients and is dedicated to helping them heal and unlock their greatness and potential. As an Evolution Catalyst®, she uses proven diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to help women invest in their mental health and evolve into their best selves.


With a Bachelors of Psychology from Florida International University and a Masters in Counseling from Barry University, Sara is the founder and owner of Soundmind Wellness Center, a boutique private practice centered on helping women through therapy, masterclasses, and wellness resources.


Sara guides her clients through individual counseling, specializing in innovative therapy techniques such as Brainspotting and EMDR. Brainspotting is a focused treatment method to identify, process, and release sources of emotional pain and trauma through biolateral sound. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a phased, focused technique to safely reconnect clients to images and emotions associated with trauma, and allow the natural healing powers of the brain to take effect.


Through her professional speaking engagements and masterclasses, Sara is able to provide clients with comprehensive and engaging education and resources on a range of mental health topics, including healthy boundaries, living well, self-love, and imposter syndrome. She is dedicated to providing patients and clients with a well-rounded, fully accessible range of wellness resources and continues to grow and learn. Sara is also an experienced executive coach, supporting entrepreneurial and career-focused clients to reach their full potential.


In the past, Sara has worked in various managerial roles and, as a leader in the field, helped other therapists gain skills for their success. She has been featured in the Huffington Post and Madame Noir and has been called on to testify in court based on her knowledge and experience as a licensed therapist.


Motivated by her faith in God and her family, Sara has dedicated her professional life to helping women work through their anxiety and trauma so that they can live their lives to the fullest of their abilities. She hopes to help as many women as possible to realize that investing in their mental health can only help to improve their quality of life.


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Personally curated by Sara to help you heal, grow and evolve into the woman you aspire to be.

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A weekly conversation with Sara Elysee on healing, growth, and evolution. 

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