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the process.

Let's Get started

Step 1


Now that you've contacted us, we will be sending you an email with a link to complete the pre-screen form. This allows us to understand your needs and assess if we are the right place for you. This is not to judge you but to make sure you are provided with a therapist who is highly skilled in the area that will help optimize your overall well-being and improve your mental health.

*Once you submit your responses to the pre-screen form, you will be redirected to our new client scheduling page.

Step 2


We require a 1:1 introductory call before the first session is scheduled. The introductory call is NOT a therapy session and it does not establish client-therapist relationship. You will not be provided with a diagnosis nor are any interventions provided. It is solely an information session to provide you with more information on who the therapist is, discuss what you want to explore in therapy and issues you want to address. It’s also an opportunity for the therapist to assess whether he/she is equipped to address your current mental health needs. If we do not choose to continue, we will gladly provide you with appropriate referrals.

*Length of Call: 15-20 minutes 

*If you did complete the pre-screen form when scheduling this, you will be asked to complete it prior to the call.

Step 3


During the first session we will review the policies and intake paperwork you completed. We will discuss the presenting problem and your expectations for therapy.

Timeline includes:

  • Introductions

  • Reviewing policies 

  • Establishing needs

*Length of Session: 60 minutes 

*Scheduled during the introductory call.

Step 4


Your therapist is committed to supporting you throughout your healing journey. In order to get results, you must be committed as well. We also understand that this is a process and do not expect for you to be ready to face any issues that may come up during sessions immediately.

We strive to create a safe space for you to process your thoughts and emotions, establish healthy coping skills and begin to heal, grow and evolve.

Once you have made the decision to invest in your mental wellness, we will schedule all of your sessions in order to establish a routine. This also ensures that your time slot is protected. 

*Length of Commitment: This will look different for everyone. We recommend meeting with your therapist weekly in the beginning (first 3-4 months) in order to establish a therapeutic rapport and see significant results . 

*Length of Following Individual Therapy Sessions: 45 minutes 

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