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Blowing out my candles will not block my blessings.

I’m guessing by now you’ve seen that viral video of the older sister blowing out the candles on her little sister’s birthday cake.

When I first saw it, it initially triggered some anger within me. I wasn’t upset at the children but at the memories it reactivated.

It reminded me of many times I had to deal with someone who did not want to see me happy, winning or thriving. Sounds familiar?

I was then reminded of Job. The devil wanted to prove Job’s disloyalty to God so bad that he went personally to Him and petitioned he be given a chance to test Job. (Read the book of Job when you get a chance).

People may try to block your opportunities through different tactics but what they always fail to realize is that God will NOT stop blessing you. He will actually give you more than what you had before.

If your candles were blown out recently, it’s okay. God is preparing a feast for you that the haters can never have imagined.

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