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Quality Connections Create Quality People.

Friendship is something that was difficult for me to navigate when I was younger. I didn’t really keep that many people around because growing up, my parents told me they were my only friends. I couldn’t have people come over and I surely couldn’t go to anyone’s house.

I’m now more intentional with who I call friend. For me it’s someone who I can be psychologically safe with. I must be able to feel emotionally safe within that connection. I believe social connections are linked to our emotional and physical health. The people you are around can affect the quality of your life.

Pay attention to how your mind and body reacts when in the presence of others. If someone does not make me feel good, I question that. First, I try and see if it’s me. I may be interpreting things through a skewed lens. Then I try and see if it’s that individual.

I’m not that friend who needs to talk to you everyday. I just like being around people where I can be myself and not have to fake the funk. I’m also big on loyalty and respect, meaning, you’re not portraying to be one way around me and snickering behind my back (I always know anyway, thanks to the Holy Spirit but always keep it classy).

I rather have two great friends than a whole bunch of people just to fill a void.

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