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25 Self-Care Ideas When You Can’t Leave Home

The practice of self-care has been around for centuries. The wealthy never skipped on their spa treatments and incorporated beauty regimens in their daily schedules. They hired personal chefs to ensure their nutritional needs were met and personal trainers to help them maintain their figures. So, maybe this is why most people cringe at the sound of the word self-care. But is it something that’s so far removed from us? Does one have to be wealthy in order to incorporate self care practices into his/her daily life? 

Let’s begin by defining what self-care means. Self care by definition is engaging in an activity or activities that promotes the improvement of your mental, emotional and physical health. This is different for everyone because we all have different needs. So the need for comparison is unnecessary. I always encourage people to do what’s best for them and is in alignment with their current life journey.

As I’m writing this, the world is experiencing a pandemic. COVID-19, for many has created feelings of trepidation, uncertainty and anxiety. Most people are working while at home and many are on the frontline providing services and care to those affected by the virus and their families.   

These circumstances make it difficult for many to prioritize their own needs. We put things on the back burner and tell ourselves that we will deal with it later.

Making your self-care a priority does not mean you are being selfish or that you do not care about others. You are giving yourself the permission to heal, rest, regroup and create a lifestyle that is conducive to the vision you have for yourself. Ultimately, we all want to be at peace, healthy and emotionally well. 

Taking care of your well-being does not have to be a chore and does not have to cost a lot of money. There are many activities promoting self-care which can be done at home. 

Here are a few activities that you can do in the comfort of your home:

  1. Give yourself a pedicure 

  2. Give yourself a manicure 

  3. Give yourself a facial

  4. Take naps, lots of naps

  5. Watch reruns of your favorite show

  6. Take a technology break

  7. Schedule a few sessions with a therapist 

  8. Try out a new recipe from your favorite youtube channel

  9. Clean out your junk mail folder

  10. Exercise

  11. Plan a virtual meet up with friends or family

  12. Read a book on your favorite topic

  13. Reorganize a room in your home

  14. Listen to inspirational podcasts 

  15. Plant a garden

  16. Learn a new language

  17. Study the bible and pray

  18. Write a list of gratitudes

  19. Journal

  20. Join a fitness challenge 

  21. Make a vision board

  22. Create a bucket list for things you can do later 

  23. Write a book 

  24. Make a list of places you would like to visit once you can

  25. Do nothing; just relax

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