You have it all together.

Well that’s what everyone else thinks.


Little do they know that you worry about not doing enough. Not being enough. Something is amiss and what’s missing is feeling happy, healthy and whole.


There are some cracks in your armor that need mending. You’ve gone through a lot, and yet you put on that smile, stay busy and hope that no one realizes that you really don’t have it all together. You keep yourself moving hoping to create distance from your past, but the reality is, you have to be still long enough to heal from your pain.

Whether its nagging thoughts that keep telling you that you are not enough

or the pesky need to please everyone (but yourself), you have finally decided that you are tired of living with fear and anxiety. You no longer want the trauma of your past keeping you from having the confidence to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals and living up to your fullest potential.


Trauma can distort your view of reality, so healing is necessary in having clearer vision. It may be part of your history, but it doesn’t need to frustrate your present nor define your future.

So, what does therapy look like with me?

Together we uncover the root of those doubts, fears and maybe even guilt.


We investigate and establish a healthy mindset that is strong, positive and supportive of the woman you aspire to be. Know that you will be supported without guilt or shame. However, I will challenge you.


You will be equipped with practical tools that work in your real life. Also, I will help you to own your story and not let any relationship or position dim your light, make you feel less than, or compromise your values.

Sis, remember you are enough!

What would it look like to have freedom from your past?

In order to grow and evolve, you have to be willing to go through the process. Now, I know that sounds a bit scary, but I got you!


Wherever you are in your evolutionary journey is where I will gladly meet you.

And at the end of our time together, my hope is that you will leave with greater peace, relief from anxiety, and increased confidence to face the difficult issues that you once feared.

And those weird things called feelings? I will help you gain clarity and better

management of your emotions so that they no longer overtake you.


At the end of our walk together, you will be able to look in the mirror and no longer see what is missing, but love the woman looking back at you. You will know that you are enough. No longer chasing after perfection but being perfected through progress—and celebrating every step of the way.


What are you waiting for?


Let’s evolve!


Contact me so we can take that first step forward, together.

Evolutionary Therapy

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